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Lasercheck™ Surface Roughness

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In-line surface roughness measurement with a Lasercheck sensor head

Controller for surface roughness measuring

compact measurement head from Lasercheck

in-line aluminum sheet surface roughness system



The Lasercheck™ line of surface roughness measurement and control systems are used in general manufacturing operations throughout the world. Lasercheck products provide unique capabilities and production feedback that no other surface measurement technology can provide.

Our Technology

All Lasercheck™ instruments are based on patented “Laser Light Scatter” measurement techniques that can make precise and repeatable non-contact surface roughness measurement in the 0.01 to 10 micron range. All our Lasercheck measurement heads use a combination of a laser illumination source and a multiple sensor detection system arranged in a proprietary configuration. Integrated electronics measure, amplify, and digitize laser light signals from the measurement surface, which is then analyzed for changes in the intensity and distribution of the pattern of laser light as it reflects from a surface. Proprietary software algorithms report changes in surface roughness based on the changes in those scattered light reflection patterns.

Software, design features, and accessories with Lasercheck provide our customers capabilities to install our sensors right in the manufacturing process (rather than in a lab) to perform fully-automated, real-time measurements of surface roughness. With this direct feedback, manufacturers make adjustments to their operations resulting in higher quality products, higher yields and reduced production costs.


Our Markets

Lasercheck instruments are typically used by large material manufacturers producing high volumes of products. Typical Lasercheck markets include automotive manufacturers who perform machining operations to produce components for braking, steering, engine, transmission, and suspension systems. Large producers of primary sheet metal – steel, aluminum, brass, and copper – use Lasercheck systems in various aspects of their mill rolling applications. Operations looking to increase efficiency through automation of production operations are particularly interested in Lasercheck capabilities.


Our Advantages


Surface roughness measurement instruments are manufactured by several companies throughout the world, but the typical technology utilizes mechanical, tactile instruments. Although these instruments can be quite precise, they are subject to wear, require ongoing calibration and cannot be installed in-line. Lasercheck systems match the precision of the best mechanical devices, but with superior durability to any of the shop floor devices. Lasercheck systems measure at speeds 10 to 100 times faster than any other device and have the unique capability of being integrated directly into the production process. The Lasercheck solution yields a return on investment for its customers with improved product yields and overall superior product quality.


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