Schmitt Industries, Inc.
2765 NW Nicolai Street, Portland, OR.
Schmitt Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMIT) designs, manufactures and markets highly precise test, measurement and process control systems for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, including grinding process monitoring and control, surface finish and microroughness measurement, laser-based non-contact dimensional and distance measurement lasers and remote propane tank level monitoring.
Acuity product line of Schmitt Measurement Systems

SBS Dynamic Balancing and Acoustic Emission Systems improve the total grinding process, saving manufacturers time and money by improving part quality and throughput.

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Acuity product line of Schmitt Measurement Systems

Acuity® Laser Sensors

Acuity® laser measurement sensors are used for fast and accurate dimensional measurement in factory automation, surface profile scanning, crane positioning, road profiling, tire production, semiconductor manufacturing and many other industrial and commercial applictions.

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Xact remote tank monitoring system with ultrasonic sensors

Xact® Remote Tank Monitoring Systems

Xact® is a complete and accurate system for monitoring propane tank levels worldwide. The Xact® system calculates fill levels using an external ultrasonic sensor, transmits data via satellite and displays the information on a secure website.

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